Sunday, February 24, 2013

So, I'm eating a Bowl of Cereal...

"Frosties" aka Frosted Flakes to be exact,  and I'm like..."why does this milk taste funny?".  I go and look at the bottle, it's got a red cap just like the one I usually get except this bottle is bigger than the other one.  I drink a little of the milk by it'self thinking I may have gotten a bad box of Frosties.  Is that possible?  At first it's fine.  But then, there is a strong tang of NASTY to it. It is super thick and super sweet. Now I'm thinking that I made the same mistake as one of my friends who accidently bought coffee creamer instead of milk. So I look at the name of the milk again "Latte di Capra Intra", and I say to myself: "Okay what is going on here, "latte" means milk right? Or does it mean something else"? And that's when I see it,  over the name of the milk.  A picture that would normally warm my heart and soul, yet at this moment, it had me screaming as I ran to Google Translator.  It was already done I really didn't need google translator because I already knew, by the picture, what this strange substance, that I have never had before, was. there goes my bowl of Frosties this morning.

Phrase for this post:
Latte di Capra Intera
Whole Milk from a Goat

~Ms. Jasmine Maree

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  1. Granddad said that want hurt you!! By the way, we have a new baby goat, just as cut as it can be. Very tiny!!!